Darn those wild neighbors next door!

Sadly, we shake our heads. "We don't even know our own neighbors on this street!"

And through the rapping on doors, pounding on walls, and tapping on ceilings, the 25,000 Playa Vista highrise neighbors understand. "You are
wild," come the shouts. "You are making too much noise!"

Dancing through the days to the sound of sirens and alarms, lawnmowers and motorcycles, commuters, computers, and cash registers, we ask, "Where is there peace?"

"You are not alone!" says booms a voice inside. "Open your eyes!" And when you do -- there is magic!

How was all this hidden in plain sight? What is here now was missing just moments ago. Hundreds of thousands of OTHER neighbors, right across the street, big and small, pursuing the daily routine of their lives! And now it is right In front of our eyes.
"Whooooo are youuuuu? We will not harm you!"

* * *

A few crickets are chirping. A Harley motor growls faintly from far away. The tart scent of California's aromatic Coastal sage rides crisp and sweet on the salty ocean breeze and the moon lights the path as you step from your cluttered complex into the open land, a place of simple, native earth. You WILL meet your neighbors, won't you? They're quite a bunch of characters, but they're very nice. And -- oh, my! They really ARE wild. But we think you'll like them! To scope out their photos just click the menu pages that follow in the section.