Protecting the Cradle of Life

Things that no one ever could imagine:
-- That tigers would become mythical creatures.
-- That vast numbers of North American honey bees would disappear.
-- That elephants would be "blocking the path of progress."
-- That the tiny, fluffy little Snowy Plovers would just go away slowly and not come back.

Even so, here we are. Still. Though now probably right up against the edge.
So, what's to do? Look the other way? What other way? What is left but to protect?
Especially at the Ballona Wetlands, one of the few remaining wetlands in California, where 90 percent of coastal marshes already has been destroyed.
This we know: wetlands are the cradle of life.
Bulldozers? We must look beyond the boundaries of Ballona, to the Ballona sky. And we must work, and do our best, and hope. What there IS now IS to protect . . .

"You are the sky.
Everything else -- it's just the weather."
Pema Chödrön