Protecting the Cradle of Life

"You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone . . . "
In 2003/2004 the State of California acquired - after decades of citizen advocacy - more than 600 acres of land that is now designated as the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve.   This video and others on this site marked Journalists of Courage. And Ballona Wetlands Champions were created for the fifth anniversary of this amazing accomplishment that most opinion leaders said was not possible until it happened!   In 2008 Ballona Institute organized Celebrate Ballona! to honor several elected officials whose actions were instrumental in achieving this result and to honor a panel of distinguished journalists whose reporting on the struggle was key to shining light on the issues and shifting public opinion toward the preservation of this gem of wild nature on the Los Angeles coast.

In 2014-15, Ballona Institute is organizing Celebrate Ballona! again. The event will begin with a Nature Science Summit that will feature workshops, lectures and keynote talks discussing the flora, fauna and landscape features of Ballona. A Gala Luncheon will honor several elected officials who have championed the Ballona Wetlands. And another panel of distinguished journalists who have kept Ballona in the public eye and several community heroes whose contributions to protecting Ballona will be feted as well.

Ballona, of course, is as worthy, if not more worthy, of preserving than ever. Its mysteries have grown deeper, more cherished, and they continue to be a treasure.

So, we include here information on what we have done as we continue our efforts to keep Ballona Wetlands among us, our beautiful bonanza of wildlife within the city, wild, free, fragrant, and teeming with life, as it was throughout time and will continue to be for generations to come.

Please join us!