Dear Congressional Representative!

Send This Letter! Help Save Ballona Wetlands

The federal government is being asked to provide money to dismantle the Ballona Creek Levees and bulldoze grassland and marsh habitat as part of a project that the State of California is calling restoration. In reality, dismantling the levees and bulldozing habitat will be more harmful than helpful. It will destroy shelter and food sources for seven endangered species and dozens of other special status (imperiled) species, and in the process spend untold millions of federal tax dollars.

Restoration of the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve does not need this project. Ballona Institute and Wetlands Defense Fund are urgently asking Congress to make certain Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) and any other potential federal funds are restricted so they cannot be used for this misguided, politically unpopular and scientifically flawed project.  We are asking you to please copy this letter, include your own words if you like, sign it, and send it to your U.S. Representative. Thank you!

We suggest faxing the letter or emailing to the district director for your representative to congress. Call your congressional office to find out the name and email address of the district director.

Addresses of your local elected officials are in sidebar at right.

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