Protecting the Cradle of Life

TURN UP YOUR SOUND! The song of the Loggerhead Shrike is rhythmic and beautiful and you can hear it over the sound of nearby cars and trucks. This species has been living in Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve for at least two years and it is singing here in Area C, the area where the Annenberg Foundation has plans a manicured urban park, destroying the wild and building a 46,000 square-foot complex for education about the very nature will have destroyed in the process. This video was shot by Jonathan Coffin February, 2012. It continues to delight because the threatened bird, oblivious to his species' plight, seems so joyous perched on a high tree branch singing for a mate.
Animals and Plants of Special Concern
Imperiled Species with Special Status
Species listed below are on lists of plants or animals that the State of California has been determined to be deserving of special protection. They are either on the Fully Protected Species List, the List of Species of Special Concern or have some other protected status.
1. Lewis’ Evening-Primrose
2. Wandering Skipper Butterfly
3. South Coast Marsh Vole
4. Silvery Legless Lizard

5. Southern Tarplant\
6. Ornate Shrew
7. California Horned Lizard
8. Western Sand Spurrey
9. Double-crested Cormorant
10. Vesper Sparrow
11. Wigeon Grass (rare SAV)
12. Vernal Barley
13. South Coast Branching Phacelia
14. Monarch Butterfly
15. Orcutt’s Yellow Pincushion
16. Slender Arrowgrass
17. Ballona Wallflower
18. Alkali Barley
19. Slender Salamander
20. Ballona Calif. Kingsnake
21. Cooper’s Hawk
22. Merlin
23. Western Meadowlark
24. Spiral Wigeon Grass
25. Western Pony’s-Foot
26. Burrowing Owl
27. Ferruginous Hawk
28. Loggerhead Shrike

Other Noted and/or Protected Species* at Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve

1. California Brown Pelican – feeds and rests in Ballona Creek channel – delisted from federal endangered species list in 2009, but still being watched by officials, biologists

2. American Peregrine Falcon – forages at Ballona – delisted from federal endangered species list in 2009, but still being watched by officials, biologists – CA “FULLY PROTECTED SPECIES”

3. White-tailed Kite – resident in the Ballona Valley/nests in nearby neighborhood trees/forages in grasslands at Ballona; has its own law in California – CA “FULLY PROTECTED SPECIES”

4. Numerous Lichens that have recently been documented and are awaiting protected status.

*Note: The Migratory Bird Treaty Act protects many of the bird species at Ballona not mentioned here or listed under “Other Noted Species.” More than 200 bird species have been documented at the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve.