At Mariner's Village

You Can Help Save The Marina's Baby Herons

“I am glad to recognize this bird as a native of America — why not as an American citizen?”

--Henry David Thoreau

MARCH, 2014 -- The nest atop this pine tree seems a little crowded these days. The three Great Blue Heron chicks that hatched here several months ago soon will fly away.

From their balconies and and through open windows, residents at the
Mariners Village apartment complex were watching with delight. These inspiring birds were massacred for their feathers by hunters more than 100 years ago just recently been making a comeback.

But now they are threatened again. The proposed massive -- and unnecessary -- bulldozing at Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve (the State of California calls it a "restoration" ) along with the construction of a proposed dog-and-cat center financed by the Annenberg Foundation will decimate habitat on the land where Heron chicks must hunt before they learn to fish. And Mariners Village, which is located on public land, plans an expansion that would remove urban forest trees that the birds need to survive.

Tell L.A. County Supervisors not to kill these grand and Great Blue Herons and to save the trees they need
click here. Then sign up to discover how to help our crusade save the animals and plants at Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve. Click here. And please join and support Ballona Institute click here.

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