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On this page -- below this introduction -- are documents you can download which will provide important insights about the proposed project at the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve.

They are grouped according to these categories: Objections: Habitat Alteration; Objections to Entire Project; Objections to Annenberg Plans, Protect Ballona Principles, Annenberg Privatization Plans, and the lengthy and very revealing set of 408 Applications to the Army Corps of Engineers. These include some of the actual documents submitted for permitting of this destructive plan -- designed and developed mostly behind closed doors -- as well as additional documents that shine some light on what has otherwise been a secretly-negotiated deal with the Annenberg Foundation. They are at bottom and you can see by the nature of the applications how very extensive the bulldozing and resculpting plans are.

Throughout the preceding documents are many opinions by organizations that have taken a hard look at the industrial habitat alteration that is masquerading as a restoration.
Opposition to Ballona Alteration
Comments on Initial Scoping Alteration Plans
Restoration and Annenberg Dev't comnts
Opposing Bulldozer and Annenberg Plans
Comments on Interpretive Center
Opposition to Annenberg Plan
To California Fish and Game Commission
To California Dept of Fish and Wildlife
BCR Response to Annenberg Proposal
Opposition to Annenberg Ballona Proposal.
To Westchester Playa Neighborhood Council
Santa Monica Opposition to Annenberg Project
SanFernando Opposition to Annenberg Project
Opposition to Annenberg Ballona Proposal
Wildlife Friendly Alternatives
Guiding Principles for Rejuvenation
Opposition to Annenberg Plan
Demolition of Ballona Creek Levees
Preliminary Design Report 5-8-2013
BallonaWetlands, Area A ParkingLots(3)
AreaA Parking Lot Questions
Fisherman's Village - Set
Elevations from Fiji Way
Fully Executed MOU Jan 28 2013
By Ballona Institute
2003 Land Title Report, Area A
2003 Land Title Report Area B
Expanded Wetlands Parcels Title Report
Geotechnical Summary
2012 Sediment Characteristics Rept.
Sediment Characterization Areas A and B
West B Levee Memo
Levee Protection Memo, to May 8 PWA rept
Construction Equipment Photos
All Hydrology Areas B, C, D
City, County Boundaries, Grading, Bridges, Stormwater maps
Appendix Exhibit Docu Log
Order of construction projects
Proposed Bike Path Map and Description
Existing utilities
Existing Topo Map
Clear and Grub, Area C South
Area C South Grading, Annenberg Area
Area B, SE Gas Lines
New Culvert Area B Culver Blvd.
Area B South Enhancement
Flood Control Berms Area B
Area A Gas Line removal
Area A Removal of gas lines and wells
Clear- Grub Area B, Grading A and B
Area B West Fire Access Road
Area B West Grading
Constrctn Doc Levee Height - Culver Blvd
Levee Removal and Rebuilding
Constraints Map Area B
Area C Constraints Map
Sectn. 408 Application Letter
Project Management Team Comments
Hydrology and Hydrolics Report
Hall Route Exhbit Descriptions (what they are)
Title Report, Area B West - Easement
Pedestrian-Bike Bridge
Two bridges
Area A Stockpile, Clear and Grub
Area A Grading, Excavation
Construct North Levee - Part 1
Construct North Levee -- Part 2
Area B relocation and abandoned gas wells
Area B, Stage 2, relocation abandoned gas wells
Area B North Clear and Grub
Area B North Stockpile and Overexcavate
Area B East Grading
Area Grading and Export to Area C North
Finished Grading Area C North
Bike Path, Pedestrian Walk and amenities
Area B Box Culverts
Area A and B North Block and Fill Levees
Area A, B North Levee Removal, Changes
Area B West Excavate and Breach Levees
Export B West to B East
New Creek-Levee Contours
Area A and B Constraints Map
Haul Route and Bike-Pedestrian Bridge
Haul Route A to B, Lincoln Bl.
Export A to B across Bike Bridge
Temp Bridge Haul Rte, temp creek bridge haul rte
Haul Route Fill Export A to B
Cross Creek Conveyor Option Haul Route
Temporary Bridge and Haul Route (different)
Temporary Bridge Over LIncoln Bl.
Hall Route from A to C North
Export Hall Route A - C
Export Hall Route B East to B West
Export Conveyor Across Culver Bl.
Soil placement on barges to L.A. Harbor
Parcel Tax and Restristion Review - Impt
Areas A,B,C, Project Control Report
Vertical Datum Conversion Areas A, B, C
Project Boundary Limit Map
Haul Route Advantages, Disadvantages
Haul Route Options Memo